What to Consider When Choosing a Roof Extension for Your Home

A roof extension can provide lots of needed shade over a patio or deck area, and also protect you from a light rain and high winds; an extension can also work to hold in heat so that you can enjoy your outdoor area even when the weather cools. A small extension may even give a patio door a bit of protection from rain and snow, reducing the risk of water damage to your home. When you're ready to have an extension installed, note a few tips for making the right choice for your home.


If you want adequate shade for hot summertime sun, glass may not be the right option; opt for wood or a solid material that will actually block out that sunlight. Slats, such as with a pergola-style extension, can also offer more shade than glass.

However, you also want to note the overall size of the extension. Are you looking for something wide enough and deep enough to cover your entire patio or deck area? if so, a heavy wood extension may look too imposing, and glass might seem less obtrusive.

It's also good to consider the materials of the home when choosing a roofing extension material. Glass may look too modern against a traditional brick home, but wood might clash with aluminium siding. Choose wood for a traditional look but glass for a home with siding, or for a home with large, oversized windows.

Shape and slope

If your area is prone to lots of rainfall or snowfall, you want to avoid a flat glass extension, as this can allow rain and snow to pile up on its surface; standing rainwater can result in algae developing, and too much snow can be very heavy, potentially even breaking the glass. If you do opt for a sloped roof extension, be sure the slope extends past the patio or deck area, so that you don't have rainwater or snow falling on your expensive patio furniture or collecting on the wood of the deck, causing water damage.


Wood will need consistent maintenance over the years, and an extension with an actual roof that matches your home's roof will need new shingles as often as you replace the shingles on your home. A metal extension may rust or corrode, and the colour may fade in direct sunlight and heavy snowfall. Glass may be the most durable of all choices, as it won't typically chip or crack, and won't need any type of repainting or other such maintenance over the years.