Why Every Homeowner Should Invest In Gutter Guards

Your gutters are one of the most important components of your roofing as they function to ensure all forms of precipitation are directed away from your roof and structure. However, not many homeowners pay much attention to their gutters until leaves start to spill over from them. As a result, gutter damage tends to go unnoticed for a while, and this would have a direct impact on the integrity of your roofing structure. A simple measure that you can take to keep your gutters in good condition for an extended period is investing in gutter guards. So why should every homeowner install gutter guards on their roofing?

Gutter guards prevent water damage

One reason to install gutter guards on your roof is to decrease the risk of water damage to your structure. When the gutter guards are in place, it is hard for organic matter to accumulate inside them. Therefore, during the wetter seasons, water will not start pooling inside your gutters. Without gutter guards, the accumulation of water will eventually cause it to seep underneath the sub-layer of your roof and begin to decompose the structure. Moreover, flooding of the gutters will gradually start to affect your foundation and exterior walls, leading to the eventual degradation of your residence. Before you know it, you would have to embark on extensive repairs and restorative measures for your home.

Gutter guards decrease the risk of fire damage

Another reason why you should consider gutter guards for your roofing is to minimise the possibility of fire damage to your structure. During the summer months, individuals may not think gutter cleaning a prudent task, as there is minimal precipitation to worry about. Nonetheless, the leaves and twigs that make their way into your gutter system are dry and flammable. In the event there is a bushfire close to the residence, floating embers could easily ignite the dead leaves and branches in your roof. Not to mention that any stray embers from barbecues or fire pits could also pose the risk of fire to your home.

Gutter guards keep stray pests away from your roof

Gutter guards do not simply prevent organic matter from collecting in the gutters. If the guards are installed securely, they will also make it hard for small critters such as rodents to make their way into your gutters and nest in your roofing. Moreover, without any water collecting in the gutters due to the barrier, pests will not be tempted to come forage for hydration in your gutter system.