Which Guttering Materials Are Available To You?

Undeniably, one of the central rainwater supplies that are mandatory for your structure is guttering. However, since gutters will be installed on your property during construction, some homeowners may not pay particular attention to the supplies chosen for their house. You may think that this is a decision that you should leave to your contractors, but the reality is the type of supplies you choose will influence the durability and longevity of your guttering system.

Furthermore, your choice of gutters should also be guided by the location you reside in, as some parts of Australia will receive much heavier rainfall than other areas. To guide you through your decision-making process, here is a brief list of the guttering materials that you could deliberate on selecting.

UPVC guttering supplies

UPVC remains of the most accessible and popular supplies that you could pick for your gutters. There are several reasons why these gutters remain a staple for Australian homes. Firstly, the UPVC gutters come in a vast assortment of profiles. Thus, you can customise your structure's guttering system as unique as you want to.

Moreover, they are also available in a range of colours too, which further contributes to their customisation. Secondly, UPVC gutters are incredibly durable. Since the colour of the materials is not painted on, you will not need to repaint them for the duration of the shelf life. In addition to this, UPC gutters are immune to rot, which translates into easy maintenance for the homeowner. If you are on the lookout for hassle-free gutters that will last you a long time, UPVC should be your chosen material.

Timber guttering supplies

While timber may not be your first consideration when deliberating on gutter supplies, you should know that this material has been employed for this application for time immemorial. Although current supplies such as plastic and copper have steadily overtaken it, timber can still be useful to some households that want an eco-conscious guttering solution.

Wood, granted, will eventually degrade from the exposure to precipitation. However, you can decrease this risk by having the gutters coated with water-resistant paint. Additionally, you could consider lining the interior of the gutters with bitumen to reduce absorption of water. A few of the wood species that make a good choice for guttering supplies include elm, pine and chestnut.

Copper guttering supplies

Copper is another incredibly durable option when scouring for guttering materials for your structure. While these types of gutters are a staple in European countries, they have steadily garnered international popularity due to their high resistance to rust. The copper will innately develop a patina over time due to oxidation. As a result, the patina then protects the gutters from water damage.