Sturdy Materials to Consider When Replacing Your Old Roof

If there is one structure on your property that needs to be in top condition, it is your roof. Because your roof is the first defence your residence has against Australia's erratic climate, you need to prioritise the maintenance of your roof to keep your home energy efficient and moisture free. Nonetheless, depending on the types of supplies that were employed for the construction of your roof, you could find that it is time for replacement due to the dire state of this structure. And if you have reached this point, then it is judicious to seriously deliberate on the options available to you so that you do not have to replace your roof in the short term.

This piece lists a couple sturdy roofing materials you can consider when replacing your old roof.


One material that is renowned for its sturdiness but is only recently gaining traction among homeowners is slate. This naturally sourced material is characterised by its incredible strength, which translates into exceptional longevity. In addition to this, slate roofing materials are fire resistant, making them ideal for people that live in parts of Australia that experience occasional bushfires.

Although slate is a natural stone, it is not as absorbent as other stone supplies. Hence, the roof is not vulnerable to mould and other growths. However, it is advisable to seal the slate roofing materials so that this water resistance is reinforced. The major drawback that people face when considering slate roofing supplies is the high initial cost, but it makes up for this with its long shelf life.


Undeniably, metallic roofing supplies happen to be one of the most common materials that Australians choose for their roofs, and this is not surprising. Metal roofs offer a host of advantages that make this material a top choice for any home. Firstly, metallic roofing supplies are available in different profiles, which means you will likely find a style of metal roofing that suits the aesthetic of your property. Secondly, metal roofing is highly resistant to the changing elements. You may be under the impression that metal roofing will succumb to rust, but you have the option of choosing aluminium supplies, which are corrosion resistant.

On that note, metal roofing comes in different types, ranging from copper to tin. Thus, there is always a type of metal roofing that will be suited to your budget. Lastly, the solar reflectance of metal roofing makes it perfect for Australia's hot climate, as this roofing material will help prevent thermal gain.